Stacy Gianoulis

Stacy Gianoulis

Assistant Vice-President for Client Services & Support (CS&S) at Boston University

Client Services

Stacy Gianoulis - Client Services

Client Services & Support (CS&S) is IS&T’s primary client-facing department, and consists of five teams with approximately 100 employees all dedicated to providing Best-in-Class support for the BU Community, focusing on a culture of service. CS&S provides service ownership for ten services and forty service components within IS&T’s service catalog, and owns nine processes/practices within IS&T’s IT Service Management framework (ITSM). CS&S handled over 115,000 inquiries via our IT Service Management system in 2018, and has averaged over 955,000 inquiries since 2013. Detailed descriptions of each department can be found under the org chart.

Under the purview of Client Services & Support is a support center for the BU Community, called the IT Help Center, which features two walk-up locations where faculty, staff, and students can visit to receive IT support for the 200+ services that IS&T provides to the enterprise. At the primary IT Help Center location (179 Amory Street) you may also check in computers for hardware repair. A third walk-up location is solely dedicated to faculty members and IS&T’s Classroom Technology and Support service. In addition to full-time staff, the Client Services & Support bolsters its team with student employees who often move on to find jobs within IS&T after graduation.

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Stacy Gianoulis - Customer Support

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